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  • 33% Drama
  • 20% Science-Fiction
  • 13% Adventure
  • 13% Action
  • 7% Mystery
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 7% Others
WyvernWings's Reviews
Watch Westworld Online
Haha, it did get wild in here. Only thing we're missing from this Springer show is for some crazy lady to take off her shirt. They always do that on that show, lmao. Some chick will just be all: -rips shirt off, boobs are blurred- "HULK SMASH!"
7 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
Wow, this section blew up. Gonna try to reply to multiple people in this one comment. Deat8, everyone can give their opinion and weigh in here. Radi can speak if he well pleases. We can't silence people because we disagree with them. This goes for everyone. I feel like almost everyone here has at least some kind of point. We're not all wrong. Tempers are clearly flying, that's for sure lol. And we're saying things with a lot of attitude and should tone it down a little. But we still all can voice how we think or feel. To Karolus, I hear what you're saying and I don't completely disagree. I just think it's a shame that instead of telling interesting, intricate stories, writers would rather lay on the political platitudes. Maybe they think they'll make more money if they gain a political groups interest. I see the business in that. But let's not ruin our shows by being too heavy handed about it, is how I feel.
7 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
Deat8, I think an okay amount of people liked the Expanse. The ratings were always low. But they were even lower for the live episodes, I think? More people were streaming as opposed to watching it on TV. You are right about the business. But Tonia also has a point with the social and agenda stuff. Some shows DO put stuff in to appease to certain political audiences or to show a certain political stance. Not all shows do it. But some.
8 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
You're so right. :/ And also another huge part of why the ratings were poor is because people are streaming the show instead of watching it live on Syfy's channel. Syfy released the first episode on stream three weeks before they released it on TV. 4 million people tuned in for the stream. A mere 1 million tuned in for the live TV episode. The actors are asking fans to watch the show live instead of streaming it. But I really don't think the ratings will rise that much. I'm holding out hope for a revival on a streaming platform. If not, I'll have to read the books to find out what happens. :)
8 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
I'll wait and see thanks. I won't shed any tears but I'm all for it continuing. Thanks for your response, Radi.
8 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
It sucks that this show got cancelled. Last Syfy show I watch. I don't want to get attached to another one. I hope it gets picked up. There are efforts going to save it, such as tweetstorms and people emailing The CEO of Amazon. There is a slight chance Amazon may pick up the show, we can help urge them with tweets and emails. #SaveTheExpanse
9 days ago
Watch Dark Matter Online
Lol, this place reminds me of the IMDB message boards with all the pointless and petty arguing going on. Entertaining for sure.
9 months ago
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