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Jcrou94's Reviews
Watch The Expanse Online Season 3 Episode 6
Links soon? Love this show.
7 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
@Tiona1 Lmao didn't mean to press enter there. I respectively somewhat disagree, although if it's done right I'm all for it. Though in many tv and films, it's becoming painfully obvious they're focus is this agenda and not a great story. The Last Jedi is a great example, meh, whatever entertains me i'm all for.
8 days ago
Watch The Expanse Online
''Agenda driven industry and dumbed down audience are destroying entertainment. Gobsmacked at the news that this show has been cancelled after only three seasons! Currently, if a series doesn't have social messages central to every plot, they won't be supported, and abandoned. With imbecilic agenda shows like Arrow/Flash/Legends/Supergirl continuing to survive in an era where the wrong people are making these propaganda decisions, it's obvious that there won't be much chance for another high caliber show as this one to make an appearance any time soon.''
8 days ago
Watch Krypton Online Season 1 Episode 4
Lol one of the links for Krypton is actually Suits.
a month ago
Watch Gotham Online Season 4 Episode 17
Every link submitted in the past 10 minutes are still last weeks episode, just a heads up for anyone.
2 months ago
Watch Gotham Online Season 4 Episode 17
It's fake everyone. My advice, the first uploader to upload the correct episode? Only click on their links for now on. ;D
2 months ago
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