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Kruciphix 12 hours ago


Kruciphix 13 hours ago
Kruciphix 13 hours ago
RadiationBoy 16 hours ago

And JUST saw LUCIFER Is back. Solid, pick up! Radi

RadiationBoy 16 hours ago

All Liar links seem to go to Rellik, which is a bit shit! Anyone know which Liar links work? Can't be bothered going down the bloody list anymore….

LoveRobin 18 hours ago

I AM an old time fan. watched the ORIGINAL RUN of TOS, participated in the Save Season 3 letter campaign (real stamps and envelopes, no email back then) and helped keep the franchise relevant during the "dry years". I don't care for Disco. Mainly my issue is "WHY a prequel?" ALL the problems from older fans would go away had it been set after TNG-era shows, the "Klingons made new aliens, and Michael an adopted child of aging Spock. ALL the problems would evaporate.

darkharvest a day ago

darkharvest 2 days ago

s4 e7

LoveRobin 2 days ago

Netflix has picked up Lucifer with season 4. So its status is no longer "Ended"

Jeannn 2 days ago

Thank You @IsaacWhiz

clarkmary040 2 days ago

i love this show it tells you about the king of france's life and what he went through

Fahad 2 days ago

Episode 8 and 9 are the same

PonderThis 2 days ago

Why aren't there any links for the 2nd season? Another website has all of 2nd season with links! I like this website better but will use the other site until someone can upload the 2nd season but by the time that happens, I'll have watched every episode on another site.

Nicolinax3 3 days ago

I honestly don't see the appeal to continue this show. The movie was great but the main characters here are just unlike-able.

IsaacWhiz 3 days ago

12 monkey season 4 Episode 3 You can watch and download on my site

IsaacWhiz 3 days ago

12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 2 and 3

IsaacWhiz 3 days ago

12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 2 and 3

Popcorn 3 days ago

Love this show, Been waiting for season 4 to come out. You know this is based a true story. Ha Haa :)

Jeannn 3 days ago

anyone have this and 3 yet

Hellfist 3 days ago

If you are wanting a superhero show then this is not your show as it is more of a gritty teen drama more than anything. The issues and problems are ones facing many kids who deal with mature issues that they should not have to. The superpower hero thing is just a backdrop in this show really not the focus of it. In this case from that standpoint, the show is ok but brings nothing new to the table that has not been rehashed over again in other shows. More than anything the show will not make a full season if it keeps heading this way. As Smallville had its charms but was, in my opinion, the worse superhero series ever, this one is worse for the comic book crowd. As it does not have enough of the comic book aspect in it, no costumes, no real use of the powers and mind head trip dreams. This all comes together to leave most confused and turning the channel, to a more serious grounded in reality show. I had hoped it would pick up some motion but it 3rd episode in still they are not even a team or have a full grasp of powers. But even this would have been fine if it was not for the total lack of the aforementioned powers and them being together. Still, I will continue to check on this and hope that at some point the superhero part will become more dominating and not just used as a device to further the story.

afrith 3 days ago

I found this episode on another site

IsaacWhiz 3 days ago

Jeannn 3 days ago

anybody got this and 3 ?

Jeannn 4 days ago
Jeannn 4 days ago
Jeannn 4 days ago
darkharvest 4 days ago

GummyYummyBear 4 days ago

Where are the links for this episode?

Kyndryd 4 days ago

and no one discusses what is happenig with Shiro? TV LOGIC at work

VetTechJenn122 5 days ago

This episode is up on my other site if anyone doesn’t want to wait for it here.

VetTechJenn122 5 days ago

I don’t know why the new episodes aren’t being added. I found them here:

Nicolinax3 5 days ago

Always breaking my heart

Midnight 5 days ago

All the links so far are not episode 9, episode 9 doesn't air until 20th June 2018.

Sophiesc99 5 days ago

Thank you ???????? oldboy3

SoulSage 5 days ago

Love this show, but not a single one of these links work.

oldboy3 5 days ago

Love Island Australia Season 1 Episode 15

rektdude 5 days ago

where are all the new episodes ?

roguexx 5 days ago
IsaacWhiz 5 days ago

New links for stranger things Season 1 please.

polferis 5 days ago

Yeah, oldboy3 as usual, added episode 8 instead of episode 9.

roguexx 5 days ago

is it me or are 8 and 9 the same episode?

Horrortime 6 days ago

The Expanse - s03e10 -

oldboy3 6 days ago

Masterchef 9x5

Horrortime 6 days ago

Safe S01E01 -

oldboy3 6 days ago

Love Island Australia 1x14

mansion 6 days ago

Code Black Season 3 Episode 13 The Business of Saving Lives Watch Now!!! Click Here: © ►◄ ↠ Welcome to m channel , if you like my videos please subscribe or at least let me know! #TVShows #TVseries

mansion 6 days ago

Code Black Season 3 Episode 12 As Night Comes and I'm Breathing Watch Now!!! Click Here: © ►◄ ↠ Welcome to m channel , if you like my videos please subscribe or at least let me know! #TVShows #TVseries

mansion 6 days ago

Code Black Season 3 Episode 11 One of Our Own Watch Now!!! Click Here: © ►◄ ↠ Welcome to m channel , if you like my videos please subscribe or at least let me know! #TVShows #TVseries

mansion 6 days ago

Code Black Season 3 Episode 10 Change of Heart Watch Now!!! Click Here: © ►◄ ↠ Welcome to m channel , if you like my videos please subscribe or at least let me know! #TVShows #TVseries

Rate :
Genres: Reality
Year : 2000
Episode Runtime: 45
First Aired: May 31, 2000
Status : Continuing

Watch Survivor Online

Sixteen or more castaways are split between two or more "Tribes", are taken to a remote isolated location and are forced to live off the land with meager supplies for roughly 39 days. Frequent physical challenges are used to pit the tribes against each other for Rewards, such as food or luxuries, or for "Immunity", forcing the other tribe to attend "Tribal Council", where they must vote off one of their players. Once about half the players are remaining, the tribes are merged into a single tribe, and competitions are on an individual basis; winning Immunity prevents that player from being voted out, while several that are voted out at this stage form the game's "Jury". Once down to two or three people, a Final Tribal Council is held where the remaining players plead their case to the jury members. The jury then votes for which player should be considered the "Sole Survivor" and win the $1 million prize. Survivor has introduced numerous modifications, or "twists", on the core rules in order to keep the players on their toes and to prevent players from relying on strategies that succeeded in prior seasons. These changes have included tribal switches, seasons starting with more than two tribes, the ability to exile a player from a tribe for a short time, Hidden Immunity Idols that players can use to save themselves at Tribal Council and a chance to return to regular gameplay after elimination through "Redemption Island".

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Survivor Episodes

Episode Name
Air Date
Includes Spoiler!
Jeff Probst as Jeff Probst (Host)
Mike Holloway as Himself
Natalie Anderson as Herself
Jeremy Collins as Himself
Denise Stapley as Herself
Kim Spradlin as Herself
Sophie Clarke as Herself
John Cochran as Himself
Tyson Apostol as Himself
Richard Hatch as Himself
Tina Wesson as Herself
Ethan Zohn as Himself
Vecepia Towery as Herself
Jenna Morasca as Herself
Sandra Diaz-Twine as Herself
Amber Brkich as Herself
Chris Daugherty as Himself
Tom Westman as Himself
Danni Boatwright as Herself
Aras Baskauskas as Himself
Yul Kwon as Himself
Earl Cole as Himself
Todd Herzog as Himself
Natalie White as Herself
Shirin Oskooi as Herself
Joe Anglim as Himself
Kelley Wentworth as Herself
Keith Nale as Himself
Yung "Woo" Hwang as Himself
Spencer Bledsoe as Himself
Latasha "Tasha" Fox as Herself
Ciera Eastin as Herself
Vytas Baskauskas as Himself
Malcolm Freberg as Himself
Abi-Maria Gomes as Herself
Kat Edorsson as Herself
Colton Cumbie as Himself
Monica Culpepper as Herself
Brandon Hantz as Himself
Dawn Meehan as Herself
Phillip Sheppard as Himself
Andrea Boehlke as Herself
Francesca Hogi as Herself
Brenda Lowe as Herself
Russell Hantz as Himself
Monica Padilla as Herself
Laura Morett as Herself
Russell Swan as Himself
Stephen Fishbach as Himself
Corinne Kaplan as Herself
Randy Bailey as Himself
Erik Reichenbach as Himself
Courtney Yates as Herself
Amanda Kimmel as Herself
Peih-Gee Law as Herself
James Clement as Himself
Yau-Man Chan as Himself
Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth as Himself
Jonathan Penner as Himself
Candice Woodcock as Herself
Danielle DiLorenzo as Herself
Terry Deitz as Himself
Cirie Fields as Herself
Stephenie LaGrossa as Herself
Bobby Jon Drinkard as Himself
Eliza Orlins as Herself
Ami Cusack as Herself
Rupert Boneham as Himself
Andrew Savage as Himself
Rob Cesternino as Himself
Shii Ann Huang as Herself
Lex van den Berghe as Himself
Tom Buchanan as Himself
Colby Donaldson as Himself
Jerri Manthey as Herself
Alicia Calaway as Herself
Jeff Varner as Himself
Michael Skupin as Himself
Kimmi Kappenberg as Herself
Kelly Wiglesworth as Herself
Rudy Boesch as Himself
Susan Hawk as Herself
Gervase Peterson as Himself
Jenna Lewis as Herself
Kel Gleason as Himself
Mitchell Olson as Himself
Clay Jordan as Himself
Burton Roberts as Himself
Chad Crittenden as Himself
Ken Stafford as Himself
Stacey Stillman as Herself
Caryn Groedel as Herself
John Carroll as Himself
Coby Archa as Himself
Katie Gallagher as Herself
Clarence Black as Himself
Brian Heidik as Brian Heidik
Daniel Lue as Himself
Rory Freeman as Himself
Christy Smith as Herself
Nicole Delma as Herself
Tai Trang as Tai Trang
Scot Pollard as Scot Pollard
Peter Baggenstos as Peter Baggenstos
Nick Maiorano as Nick Maiorano
Neal Gottlieb as Neal Gottlieb
Michele Fitzgerald as Michele Fitzgerald